Pavement Engineering Inc. (PEI) is a civil engineering firm that specializes in pavement management and rehabilitation. Because PEI combines nearly three decades of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation projects with over two decades of Pavement Management Systems (PMS) experience. As a result, we provide the most accurate pavement distress data, timely recommendations and precise budgets that ensure the longest lasting pavement product.

Unlike other civil engineering firms whose specialty is “general engineering,” PEI focuses specifically on designing, managing, inspecting, testing, maintaining and rehabilitating pavements and roadways, including concrete and soils. We have evaluated, tested and designed tens of millions of square feet of asphalt concrete roadways and parking lots which includes work such as condition assessments, deflection testing, structural design and rehabilitation plans for existing roadways and pavements. This specific focus provides our Clients a level of expertise that gives confidence that they are getting the most out of their pavements.

PEI owns and operates three Caltrans-certified testing laboratories and three AASHTO reference laboratories.  We have the testing equipment, tools and knowledge to apply state-of-the-art technology to solving pavement problems.

All of out inspectors are Caltrans certified. In any given year, PEI inspectors and laboratories provide QA/QC for projects totaling 3 to 5 million tons of Asphalt concrete. Our materials knowledge is unmatched and our Clients rely on us to make sure their projects meet the specification and will perform.

Our number one goal is client satisfaction.  We manage each dollar our clients spend as if it were our own – with common sense and complete honesty.