quality control


QUALITY CONTROL is more than a checklist of procedures or a general warranty that paving work will conform to an engineer’s specifications.  It is essential to long-lasting pavement.

PEI’s QA/QC services provide confidence that all work conforms substantially to the design concepts specified in contract documents.  Our engineering technicians are qualified and equipped to perform field tests and provide construction supervision to ensure that a contractor’s performance meets specifications and clients receive the quality they expect.

Our quality control methods comply with current Caltrans specifications (QC / QA, standard and method processes), Greenbook specifications or federal agency specifications, including the Federal Highway Administration.  These stringent guidelines ensure a uniform, high quality product.  Among the testing and QC / QA services and testing PEI provides are:

  • Aggregate base, subgrade inspection and compaction testing.
  • Mix designs and JMF verifications.
  • Paving inspections, sampling and monitoring with nuclear gauge.
  • Core sampling to determine compaction/failure investigations.
  • Nuclear gauge acceptance testing.
  • HMA, RHMA, OGFC, aggregate, base and subgrade materials testing using Caltrans, ASTM and AASHTO methods.
  • Caltrans, ASTM and AASHTO quality control and quality assurance system management.
  • Smoothness testing.

Depending on the type and scope of work, we can provide services independently or in conjunction with contract administration and testing services. We customize these services in the most cost-effective way: full-time, part-time or project-specific.