PEI offers a variety of solution and resolution services, including post construction quality evaluations, construction consulting to manage difficult projects, claims analysis and expert testimony. 

A POST CONSTRUCTION QUALITY EVALUATION audits a completed project and answers the question: “Did I get what I paid for?”  During this evaluation, we focus on aggregate and asphalt concrete layer thicknesses, asphalt concrete (HMA) quality, compaction and surface workmanship and compare those details to the original contract specifications. 

We evaluate surface workmanship by looking for surface defects, rolling irregularities, textural variances and other anomalies.

To determine layer thicknesses, we randomly select areas and core six-inch samples of the asphalt concrete and aggregate base, which we then plug with compacted aggregate base and well-compacted cold mix asphalt concrete.  We test each asphalt concrete core sample for relative compaction, air voids and the stability of the combined mix.

Once we have all the data, we summarize our findings in a report, noting specific variations in layer thicknesses, compaction, asphalt concrete material properties and workmanship.  We compare these findings with specifications in the original contract. If the deficiencies are minor, we recommend repair alternatives.  If there are major deficiencies, we usually recommend additional investigations to identify the limits and impact of the deficiencies.

In the event an original contract was issued without formal specifications, we will perform an evaluation based on industry standards.

CONSTRUCTION CONSULTING SERVICES provided by our experienced, trained engineers can manage the unmanageable.  We can help resolve construction difficulties related to design, unexpected subsurface conditions, construction procedures, asphalt concrete materials, aggregate sources, manufacturing and placement, equipment specification and problems and asphalt concrete, aggregate and soils compaction.

CLAIMS ANALYSES SERVICES can help companies and parties navigate merit and cost disputes.  PEI offers expert guidance and claims analysis to owners, contractors and attorneys to resolve issues before arbitration or litigation.

PEI’s experienced and highly qualified staff can provide EXPERT TESTIMONY SERVICES relating to pavement design, construction and maintenance.  We have participated in numerous depositions, arbitrations and trials.