Pavement Engineering’s on-site educational workshops and seminars mean our engineers can bring nearly three decades of experience in pavement management directly to your business, agency, association or school.

EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS are the best way to train maintenance and operation managers, facilities management directors and other employees on how to protect and manage your pavement investment. Whether a general overview or an in-depth, subject-specific topic, we address real-life problems rather than textbook situations.  Even participants with little or no pavement experience can walk away with enough knowledge to make better pavement management decisions. 

Workshops and presentations typically include discussions on

  • causes of pavement deterioration: environmental and load-related impacts.
  • pavement deterioration cycles.
  • common pavement distresses.
  • preventative maintenance and rehabilitation treatments.
  • pavement preservation strategies and timing.

We also can add topics on the benefits of proactive pavement assessments, budget needs, working with contractors to ensure quality work, types and benefits of specific asphalt mixes and asphalt recycling.   Whatever the topic, if it’s about pavement, we can help. 

As an added option, a workshop or seminar can include a brief tour and simplified assessment of your site to demonstrate the principles we teach.