ACCESSIBILITY (ADA) DESIGN is an issue that applies to most site improvement projects today. Federal laws and State regulations provide guidelines for accessible facilities in construction projects.  Unfortunately, the list of requirements for meeting accessibility is long and frequently difficult to decipher. Sometimes the requirements between the State and Federal codes even may conflict with each other. Constant awareness of code updates and new mandates is paramount in order to stay current with industry standards. 

Since 1995, PEI’s design staff have successfully interpreted code requirements, evaluated existing conditions and designed accessible improvements to comply with current law. We understand the various codes and have correctly applied these requirements to successfully complete countless site improvement projects and new development projects.   

Our evaluation and design expertise includes all elements of exterior accessibility, including but not limited to:

  • Accessible parking.
  • Passenger drop-off zones.
  • Accessible path of travel requirements.
  • Walks, pathways and level landings.
  • Pedestrian and curb ramps.
  • Stairways.
  • Handrails and guardrails.
  • Detectable warning surfaces (truncated domes).
  • Reach heights (at ATMs and other exterior customer facilities).
  • Site signage requirements.