Pavement Rehabilitation Documents


PAVEMENT REHABILITATION DOCUMENTS translate engineering recommendations into plans and specifications that are essential for obtaining quality pavement repair work from contractors.

In managing this process, Pavement Engineering Inc. (PEI) has three goals:

  • Describe the work for bidding with specific goals for contractor performance.  Using existing site plans or plans generated by performing topographic survey work, we clearly mark locations and define the extent and quality of work expected, including all construction details, materials and procedures.  We have spent years creating and enhancing specifications for parking lots and minor roadways that reflect the best industry practices rather than “common practice.”  The combination of site plans, details and specifications ensures that all contractors are bidding on exactly the same work.
  • Address time and payment issues.
  • Define the legal responsibility of the parties to the contract.  Contract clarity virtually eliminates questions regarding the scope of work and minimizes disputes during construction.  When difficulties arise, a well-defined contract with clear responsibilities provides a basis for judging performance. 

With nearly three decades of experience, PEI can design pavement rehabilitation solutions that account for all potential conflicts so that projects move forward smoothly, on time and within budget.