Public Agency CONTRACT Documents


PUBLIC AGENCY CONTRACT DOCUMENTS for pavement maintenance or rehabilitation are specialized, detailed and dynamic.  Because Pavement Engineering Inc. (PEI) has worked with more than a hundred California cities, counties and government agencies, we understand the process.  We have the flexibility, communication and coordination skills to ensure projects are completed with few if any interruptions or delays.

We assist public agencies by

  • developing pavement maintenance / rehabilitation plans and specifications.
  • evaluating drainage, drainage impairments and appurtenant facilities that will affect pavement performance.
  • evaluating trip/fall hazards.
  • evaluating tree root problems.
  • addressing ADA access, transitions and parking.
  • preparing technical specifications to ensure quality in workmanship, materials, and accurate quantities that reduce problems and numerous change orders.
  • mitigating poor soil conditions through innovative methods.
  • managing scheduling and traffic control to reduce costs and minimize impacts to residents.
  • providing accurate construction cost estimates for planning and processing projects.

PEI takes care of technical specifications affecting quality, cost, and contractor performance by providing details that clearly communicate a design and yet are easy to navigate and understand.  Precise plans mean fewer addenda during bids, fewer requests for clarification during construction and fewer change orders.  We address not only the quality of materials and workmanship expected, we make sure scheduling, traffic control, utilities notifications and any special circumstances are included. 

Regardless of the project size and whatever the requirements are to prevent problems, ensure quality, reduce costs or minimize impact to a community, we can manage the process accurately and efficiently.  The net result is a project with final costs at or below the original contract estimates and long-lasting, economical pavement projects.