StreetSaver® system


PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (PMS) help cities and counties identify and quantify pavement condition and make informed and timely decisions about maintenance that will prevent problems and preserve pavement economically. 

It has four distinctive elements:

  • It provides project rehabilitation costs and timing based on nationwide research that provides average pavement deterioration. Unit costs are based on recently bid projects.

  • It provides a quick and easy inventory reference on pavement areas and uses.

  • It provides a record that documents pavement age, load-related, non-load related and climate-related pavement condition and deterioration information.

  • It identifies streets for potential repair and maintenance and can identify streets that have deteriorated to a level requiring a more detailed evaluation and possible rehabilitation.

PEI is a consultant for both MTC’s StreetSaver® program and APWA’s MicroPAVER™ programs. We provide accurate evaluations, treatment recommendations and multi-year pavement management plans that allow agencies to plan, budget and fund repairs that extend pavement life and provide safe roads and highways.  Accurate information is vital to successfully implementing a PMS.  We work closely with agencies to ensure their goals are reflected in our work, and we carefully review all ratings, maintenance strategies and costs to ensure they reflect those goals.

PEI’s pavement management work consists of

  • reviewing and updating pavement inventory information for all roads every two or more years checking for road network completeness, and checking for the accuracy of existing management sections.

  • completing inspections of pavement sections for arterial and collector routes in the system every two years and residential routes every five years.

  • calculating budget needs for rehabilitating or replacing deficient pavement sections for the current year and the next three years.

PEI has several certified technicians for PMS work who are capable of

  • storing inventory data for all roads within the jurisdiction.

  • assessing pavement condition based on distress information.

  • identifying all pavement sections that need rehabilitation or replacement.

  • calculating budget needs for rehabilitating or replacing deficient pavement sections.

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